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Assoc. Prof. Gao Sheng, Central University of Finance and Economics, China


Dr. Gao Sheng is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Information, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE). Before joining CUFE, he received the Ph.D. degree in computer science and technology from Xidian University, Xi'an, China, in 2014. He is also with the adademy of blockchain technology and application at CUFE. He is a CCF senior member and servers as a member of several technical communities including CCF Blockchain, CACR Blockchain and CCA privacy protection. His current research interests include blockchain, data security, and privacy computing. He has co-authored over 5 books, obtained 7 granted patents and published over 50 papers in refereed international journals and conferences, such as IEEE TIFS/TWC/TSC/TVT/IoTJ. His research is is supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Natural Science Foundation, and the National Statistical Science Foundation of China. He is the recipient of the first Prize of Science and Technology Award from Ministry of Education and the Best Paper Award from CCF CBC 2018.





Assoc. Prof. Anjia Yang, Jinan University, China


I am currently an associate professor in the College of Cyber Security at the Jinan University. I received the B.S. degree in College of Computer Science and Technology from Jilin University in 2011, and the Ph.D. degree in the Department of Computer Science at the City University of Hong Kong under the supervision of Prof. Duncan S. Wong in 2015. I worked as a postdoc supervised by Prof. Jian Weng in Jinan University from 2016 to 2019, during which I visited the BBCR Lab in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo under the supervision of Prof. Xuemin (Sherman) Shen since May 2018. From September 2015 to July 2016, I worked as a research associate in the department of Computer Science at the City University of Hong Kong, cooperating with Prof. Gerhard Hancke. From November to December 2014, I worked at the Charlmers University of Technology, Sweden, as a visiting student. From December 2013 to June 2014, I was a research assistant in Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR, Singapore.


Title:  Privacy and Security in Payment Channel Networks


Abstract: In recent years, a great number of applications based on blockchain have sprung up, such as electronic medical record systems, traceable logistics systems, and electronic forensics systems. However, blockchain still has performance bottlenecks that hinder its own development. One of the bottlenecks is its low throughput. Many researchers have proposed solutions to improve the scalability of blockchain transactions. A promising method is to build off-chain payment channels to reduce the number of on-chain transactions, which is denoted by the “Lightning Network”. To pursue higher utility, payment channel network is proposed later. The payment channel network allows users to transfer money to anyone in the network by building only one payment channel, which can greatly reduce the deposit that users need to submit. However, due to the more complex structure of the payment channel network, it also faces more problems, such as balance security issues, privacy preserving issues, generality issues, and lightweight installation issues. This speech will introduce the problems existing in the payment channel network and some existing solutions, and finally introduce the research results of our group and share a general and secure payment channel construction.





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