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Blockchain is the key enabling technology for cryptocurrency. It was introduced as part of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which was established during the great recession. Blockchain is often referred to as a distributed and secure database. In fact, blockchain is much more than such a database, it consists of a mechanism that ensures distributed consensus among independent participants operating in an untrusted network. As such, blockchain has now been used in areas far beyond the financial sector. In addition to the applications of blockchain, there are also intense research on the foundation of the blockchain technology itself, such as different ways to accomplish proof of work, security of blockchain, and scalability of blockchain. In this conference, we invite submissions of high quality papers describing fully developed results or on-going foundational and applied work on the following topics. Suggested contribution topics include (but are not limited to) empirical and theoretical studies of:


Blockchain Fundamentals

·         Alternative proof of work algorithms

·         Cyberattacks on blockchains

·         Economic impact on cyberattacks

·         Security and trust on permissioned blockchains

·         Scalability of blockchains

·         Smart contracts


Blockchain for Banking and Finance

·         Trade finance with blockchain

·         Digital identity management with blockchain

·         Cross-border payments with blockchain


Blockchain for Supply Chain

·         Fraud and error reduction with blockchain

·         Inventory management with blockchain

·         Courier cost reduction with blockchain

·         Consumer and partner trust management with blockchain

·         Supply chain issue detection with blockchain


Blockchain for Consumer Products and Retail

·         Common information exchange between vendors and purchases with blockchain

·         Supply chain management with blockchain

·         Brand management with blockchain


Blockchain for Government

·         Government operation with blockchain

·         Government asset registration management with blockchain

·         Fraud prevention and compliance management with blockchain

·         Government identity management with blockchain


Blockchain for Automotive 

·         Mobility services management with blockchain

·         Automobile supply chain management with blockchain

·         Automobile finance management with blockchain


Blockchain for Medicine and Health Care

·         Patient consent and health data exchange with blockchain

·         Clinical trial management with blockchain

·         Outcome-based contracts based on blockchain

·         Global medical opinion platform with blockchain

·         Genomics and precision medicine with blockchain


Blockchain for Travel and Transportation

·         Passenger management with blockchain

·         Personnel management with blockchain

·         Assets management with blockchain

·         Cargo management with blockchain


Blockchain for Internet of Things

·         Enterprise asset management with IoT and blockchain

·         Facilities management with IoT and blockchain

·         System engineering with IoT and blockchain

·         IoT platform based on blockchain


Blockchain for Agriculture

·         Getting food from the ground to the table is a multi-phase, complex process riddled with risks that make both consumers and entities vulnerable. Blockchain provides an effective way to track and trace the food supply chain from the seed to the final product, offer more revenue opportunities, and inform and better protect the consumer.


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