Call for Papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine
Bioinformatics Algorithms and Databases
Biomarkers of Toxicity
Biostatistics and Stochastic Models
Computational Biology
Clinical Case Reports
Databases and Data Management
Data Mining and Machine Learning in Bioinformatics
Data Visualization
Drug Discovery
Functional Genomics and Proteomics
Genes and their Regulation
Gene Expression Analysis
Health Informatics
Immuno- and Chemo-informatics
Medical Statistics and Informatics
Model Design and Evaluation
Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny
Pharmaceutical Applications
Protein Structure Prediction and Molecular Simulation
Sequence Search and Alignment
Sequence Analysis
Simulation and Modeling
Structural Bioinformatics
Systems Biology
Web Services in Bioinformatics
Computing Technologies
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Computer Animation
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Games
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Computer Modeling and Simulation
Computer Vision
Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
Data Compression
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Digital Image Processing
Digital Signal Processing
High Performance Computing
Human Computer Interaction
Information Retrieval
Internet and Web Applications
Knowledge Data Engineering
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Parallel and Distributed Computing.
Pattern Recognition, Clustering and Classification
Performance Evaluation
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Robotics and Automation
Security and Cryptography
Technology in Education
Ubiquitous Computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing